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ICAN Chapter Leadership Fees

Chapter Leader

$60 / each

Full duties and responsibilities of chapter leadership. Chapters can have as many chapter leaders as needed.


$30 / each

Secretaries and Treasurers are an important part of a chapter leadership team. Some Chapter Leaders are also secretaries or treasurers, but not all secretaries and treasurers are Chapter Leaders. If you are applying solely to manage social media accounts, the secretary position is the option you should choose. You will not be able to host meetings alone, but you will have access to all other duties and accounts of the chapter leadership team.



In an effort to diversify and amplify the voices of those most likely to receive biased care, ICAN is waiving Chapter Leader Fees for a total of 12 (twelve) BIPOC and LGBTQIA applicants per calendar year. This is solely an incentive. There are no other qualifications required for this incentive. Membership dues will still apply.

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