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2017 "Nourish So They May Flourish" Fundraising Gala

Join The Bayat Foundation for an unforgettable evening as we celebrate the beginning of our second decade of charitable service to at-risk mothers, children, and families in Afghanistan, and spring into a future of improved women’s health and hope through the construction of the new Alliance for Women’s Health Hospital and Surgical Center.

We will also have the privilege of honoring several pioneers of philanthropic service to Afghans in need: true heroes who have made a difference to so many in Afghanistan. Net proceeds will benefit our ongoing programs to Nourish the Lives of Afghans.


$100,000 / each

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$25,000 / each

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$10,000 / each

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$5,000 / each

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$2,500 / each

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$1,000 / each

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$500 / each

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$250 / each

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Please consider giving an additional gift to support our organization.