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Introducing the revamped Thin Mint Sprint!

Instead of getting up early for a long run, you can focus on being active wherever you are: walk, run, bike, dance, swim, jump rope, hula hoop, kayak, play a sport, trampoline, climb stairs, the possibilities are endless!

There are no rules on how far, fast or long you need to go, it’s all about being active. The Thin Mint Sprint on the go is an event you can enjoy at your own pace in your own way.

If you'd like to participate with your Girl Scout family, you can join us at the Tampa Leadership Center on Saturday, January 29 for some movement-themed Girl Scout programs. (More info coming soon).

TMS on the go - Pick-up

$20 / each

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TMS on the go + Shipping

$25 / each

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Please consider giving an additional gift to support our organization.