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Staying Connected: Christine Center Online Retreat Expereinces

We hope our online programs will create a retreat experience for you in your home so that we can all immerse in practice together wherever we are. 

To register/pay for your online program, the titles are listed below with the cost. The item will indicate whether it is a packaged cost or if you can register for individaul sessions. 

Thank you for creating this sacred space with us! 

Tao Te Ching (per individual session)

$10 / each

The Art of Becoming (per individual session)

$15 / each

Tending the Soul of America

$25 / each

William Blake's Prophetic Joy

$65 / each

Stress Management and Resilience Training

$50 / each

Filled with Wisdom: The Feast of Mary Magdalene

$20 / each

Sacred Space: A Practice in Yoga Nidra

$45 / each

Sing Me the Creation

$80 / each

We Make the Path by Writing

$325 / each

Intuitive Creativity Full 6-session package

$60 / each

Intuitive Creativity-Individual sessions

$15 / each

Origins of Consciousness

$45 / each

Centering Prayer

$80 / each

Please consider giving an additional gift to support our organization.