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Inferno Men's Conference

The Inferno Men's Conference is excited to bring massive social media influencer Father Mike Schmitz to Colorado Springs on Saturday, November 9th, 2019! If you've never heard Father Mike speak, get ready to be fired up and inspired!! If you have heard him speak before, then you know to get registered quickly before space runs out!! You can expect: high energy talks & breakout sessions tailored for men, optional praise & worship, Confession & Adoration throughout, all culminating in anticipated Mass with Bishop Sheridan next door at the Cathedral for men and their families! 

$25 Scholarship Registration (Full registration with lunch): If this is what you can afford, we'll make it work!

$25 / each

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$50 Discounted Registration (Full registration with lunch): Keeping it affordable for everyone.

$50 / each

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$100 Full Cost Registration (Full registration with lunch): This is the true cost per man. Thank you!

$100 / each

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$175 Help a Brother (Full registration with lunch): Also pays for a man to attend at the Scholarship rate. Thank you!

$175 / each

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$500 Inferno Builder (Full registration with lunch): Raise up Inferno and sit with Father Mike Schmitz for lunch. Thank you!

$500 / each

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Please consider giving an additional gift to support our organization.