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Manos de Cristo Tamale Sale

Manos de Cristo is a local nonprofit offering low-cost dental care to under and un-insured individuals, educational classes for adults, emergency food and clothing relief, and school supplies to children in need.

Tamales cost $15 per dozen. Approximately $8 of every dozen sold goes to Manos de Cristo’s programs.

The sale runs from now until Dec. 4 and the tamales will be ready for individual pick up at Manos de Cristo (or participating organizations and churches) on Dec. 8.

Pork Tamales - One Dozen

$15 / each

Jalapeno Pork Tamales - One Dozen

$15 / each

Chicken Tamales - One Dozen

$15 / each

Bean Tamales (Not Vegetarian) - One Dozen

$15 / each

Vegan Southwestern Blend - One Dozen

$15 / each

Please consider giving an additional gift to support our organization.