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JFS Support Groups and Programs

It makes a difference to speak about concerns with others who share similar challenges and can work with you to find solutions. Each of our support groups is led by a licensed social worker with significant experience in facilitating support groups. We offer groups for adults, families, teens and children. Don’t deal with life’s difficulties on your own; we are here for you. Order your package of sessions below.

Half Day Conference for Divorced or Separated Women

$54 / each

Separation & Divorce (at JFS) - 8 Week Package

$180 / each

After the Divorce – Picking Up the Pieces (at JFS) - 8 Week Package

$180 / each

Bereavement (at JFS) - 8 Week Package

$180 / each

Living Well in Later Life (at JFS) - 8 week package

$180 / each

Caregivers - 6 Week Package

$120 / each

Individual Counseling

$150 / each

Please consider giving an additional gift to support our organization.