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Mitchell Institute Fall Gala


The Mitchell Institute Gala promises to be a wonderful event filled with celebration and promise for the state of Maine. Mitchell Scholars, scholarship supporters, special guests and good friends will join Senator George J. Mitchell as the Mitchell Institute recognizes its Scholars and celebrates more than twenty years of scholarship achievement. We hope you will plan to share the evening of October 20, 2017 with us. 

The deadline to submit ads is September 29.

Please contact Sarah Short, [email protected], with questions.

Individual Ticket

$250 / each

Alumni Ticket

$100 / each

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Platinum Sponsorship

$25,000 / each

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Prime Sponsorship

$15,000 / each

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Leadership Sponsorship

$10,000 / each

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Major Sponsorship

$7,500 / each

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Program Sponsor

$5,000 / each

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Table Sponsor

$2,500 / each

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Program Advertisement - Full-Page Color Ad

$500 / each

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Program Advertisement - Half-Page Color Ad

$250 / each

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Please consider giving an additional gift to support our organization.