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Join or Renew your Membership!

Lan Su is a gift that gives all year. As a member, Lan Su is your backyard. Visit as often as you like, come to weekly events, see the garden change through all seasons. And, you can always bring a friend.

All memberships include:

  • Free admission to the garden for a year
  • At least one guest per membership card
  • 10% discount in the Garden Shop
  • 10% discount in the Teahouse
  • Discounts on special after-hours, ticketed events including Chinese New Year Lantern Viewing.
  • Members-only events and hours


$60 / each

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Basic (2 year)

$110 / each

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Basic Senior/Student

$40 / each

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Basic Senior/Student (2 year)

$75 / each

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$75 / each

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Family (2 year)

$140 / each

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$125 / each

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Friend (2 year)

$230 / each

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Plum Blossom

$250 / each

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Plum Blossom (2 year)

$460 / each

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$500 / each

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Bamboo (2 year)

$950 / each

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$750 / each

Pine (2 year)

$1400 / each

Please consider giving an additional gift to support our organization.