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You have the Power2Save!

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Texas Power2Save

As a double lung recipient, I am honored to help raise donations for those in need of a transplant. I ask for your support and together we can save lives. I need your help!

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As I layed in a hospital bed in 2014 believing my last days here on Earth were near, I relied on a breathing machine and was painfully aware that any hope for a future to spend time with my wonderful family was quickly fading unless a donor was found that matched my blood type along with a number of other requirements.

After being on the national transplant list for little over a week and unable to breathe even with the help of a machine I accepted the fact that time was running out and said good-bye to this world, the next day I awoke with new lungs and a new chance to see my grandchildren.

While going through this process I realized that I was one of the fortunate ones that had checked into a terrific hospital with a terrific transplant team, health insurance, a supportive family and that I was blessed to receive organs in a timely manner.

Please help me to bless someone with your financial gift.


Robert J. Collier, Sr.




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Robert Collier, Sr. Donated: $100
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