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Help us march with our best feet forward in 2022


Help the Clarinets section raise money for new marching band uniforms.

$3,175.10 of $7,500

The Kell Marching Band currently wears uniforms that debuted when most of our student musicians had yet to reach kindergarten. We've done our best to preserve and repair them over the years, but with tears, snags, and an outdated look, it's time to say goodbye.  Clearly, we need to replace these uniforms.  And we need your help.

The Kell Marching Band embodies the very best of the Kell community—pride in our school, excellence in performance, and innovation in our activity.  We want the way we look to match those ideals.  The marching band uniform is the most visible symbol of our program, a representation of 20 years of outstanding Longhorn traditions. 

You know what a Kell Marching Band performance sounds like; the power, the passion, the pride. Now imagine it with a look to match. Help us march with our best feet forward in 2022!

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Hook ‘Em, Horns!


I’m proud of you Dominic. Give ‘em Kell! Love, Grandma

Florence Vruno

The Clairnets rock!!!!


Clarinet is the best instrument.

Mary Wiertelak

Can’t wait to see the new uniforms!

Robin Keith

41 Donations


about 2 years ago

Sheryl Wright


about 2 years ago

Jennifer Lansing-McGrath


about 2 years ago

Leslie Whittum


about 2 years ago

Elizabeth Byrd

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