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YOU can deliver health and hope to the world

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Sending Beds from Chicago to India for Covid Relief IN-20-134

Hi! I'm Aparna, a medical student in Chicago, working with Project C.U.R.E and NTR Health Trust to provide medical beds for COVID patients in India.


150 deaths per hour. 400,000+ cases a day. Critically low oxygen supply. Outside the hospital, patients lie on pavements waiting for beds; inside, two patients share a bed.  The eeriness of bodies floating along the Yamuna river. Funeral pyres burning endlessly from makeshift crematoriums…these facts, these images are not new. They have been circulating our news and social media feeds for weeks now. That does not make them any less jarring. Our world is hurting, and India is bleeding as we speak.

For days now, I have been agonizing over how best to help India from oceans away, often sharing with my parents that half our thoughts and hearts are always with our family and friends back home.

I draw inspiration from those who have risen to action before me to ask you for your help in raising funds to send medical beds to the health centers run by the NTR Health Trust based in Hyderabad, a southern city of India in which I was born and lived during my formative years.   

I am thankful to be collaborating with Project C.U.R.E, a US-based humanitarian relief organization that will direct and amplify our funds towards sending 60 medical beds to the NTR Health Trust that will employ these supplies at one of their health centers currently serving COVID+ patients or ensure ready deployment to facilities that need acute assistance.

I recognize and understand that many of you are probably experiencing donor fatigue along with the COVID fatigue that permeates all our lives these days. But as we have come to learn in recent days, your generosity and kindness can be the difference between life and death. 

 Thanking you,

Aparna Nutakki


Gema Tinoco Donated: $25.75
Congratulations on all the hard work, Aparna! Read her story coming soon this week on Rush University's social media pages: instagram.com/rushuniversity
Katie Fruin Donated: $50
Thank you for organizing, Aparna! Hope you are doing well xx
Srilakshmi Garapati Donated: $250
Keep going !!! Pinni & Nani babai
Kushal Amin Donated: $103
Keep up the great work, friend. We'll come out of this faster because of your help.
Anonymous Donated: $100
Keep the faith!!!