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You have the Power2Save!

Fundraiser page pwer2save

Paint for "LIFE" Janet Rendle

I'm raising money to aid in research efforts for organ transplantation to make one transplant last a lifetime! "One transplant for LIFE Please consider donating. Thank you in advance

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I realize that very few friends and acquaintances are aware that I was a Type 1 diabetic for almost 27 years. I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the young age of 13 and lived with the disease on a daily basis until I received a life changing pancreas transplant at the age of 39. The transplant organ was an amazing gift. Dr Kapur of  Weill Cornell Hospital in New York City was my transplant surgeon and I continue to work with Dr.Dadhania on a regular basis. These two doctors have enabled me to live a relatively normal life. A life free of the insulin shots and highly restrictive dietary requirements that I had endured for so many years. With their help, I was able not only to have a cake on my 40th birthday but also to eat it! I have a extraordinary and amazing life.
The past 10 years since my transplant have flown by and I was recently invited to attend the inaugural Transplant Patient Summit in Washington D.C. I found myself amongst 200 other organ transplant recipients, including two patients from each of the 50 states. The experience was very emotional for me, as I heard the personal stories of the other patients. Recipients had received a range of organ transplants including heart, lung, kidney. One patient had had an arm transplant, another was on their second heart transplant and there was even a three-time kidney transplant patient. The American Society of Transplantation invited myself and the other transplant patients to share our ideas for raising awareness of the value of transplants for so many patients around the country. The awareness campaign they have developed is called “Power2Save” and the hope and goal is that one day, each patient just needs 'one transplant for life'. This cause is one that means the world to me, as it gave me back my life. I’d like to invite you to join me in raising awareness and money for the American Society of Transplantation. Please consider a donation however large or small.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and support this important cause.

Janet Rendle  

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John H Chewens Donated: $100
Cheers to Janet on supporting this wonderful and needed cause!!!