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Give InterPlay Day

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Support InterPlay Atlanta

Creating Community events for Racial Reconciliation and Transformation

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On Give IP Day 2018, your gift will help us continue InterPlay’s work with racial reconciliation and transformation through the ease and freedom of expression of the InterPlay forms.

Support the BiRacial History project, which seeks to bring awareness to the “little-remembered African American history of the Edgewood-Candler Park neighborhood.”

InterPlay Atlanta is building social change with InterPlay through a partnership with the Edgewood Candler Park BiRacial History Project.  We will join in the movement to publicly honor the history of residents who lived on the land that was their post Civil War community's homeplace. This project seeks to help reclaim the little-remembered African American history of what is now one of Atlanta's most gentrified neighborhoods in the heart of Atlanta—the Edgewood-Candler Park neighborhood.  

InterPlay Atlanta will create community events in collaboration with the BiRacial History Project that allows residents to learn more about the history through InterPlay Forms. InterPlay Atlanta's SoulPrint Players will help residents embody the experience of the gentrified residents at the site of Historic Markers by engaging residents in their story, movement, and songs.

If InterPlay Atlanta (and this work in particular) is inspiring and important to you, click here to support a thriving Atlanta InterPlay community.

One Day Only!!

If you want to participate in Give InterPlay Day, join us right here from midnight to midnight on April 25th


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