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Feed people and your passion with Outpace Hunger!

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Kipper is Running 100 Miles in May to Raise $1000 for Manna Foodbank!

Can I go the distance in the name of supporting an awesome cause? Let's find out together!


Howdy! My name is Kipper and this year, I'm hoping support MANNA FoodBank's Outpace Hunger campaign by pushing myself further than I ever have in the past.

Over the course of 2020 I started running as a way of clearing my head and reducing the stress of my daily life. I'm not a graceful runner, and I'm sure that anyone with any training at all would have a thousand different pointers on how I could improve, but the biggest thing is I get out there and do it. 

This May, I'm hoping to get out there and do it bigger than I ever have in the past by going a full 100 miles in 31 days. The best I've done so far is 80 miles in a month. 

In an effort to push myself farther and support a great cause, I'm taking part in Manna Foodbank's Outpace Hunger Campaign. 

I'm hoping that you will support this by helping me to raise $1000. That's a collective force pledging to provide $10 per mile I cover throughout the month.

At MANNA, $1 = 4 MEALS for neighbors facing food insecurity across Western North Carolina. That means with your help, we could potentially provide 4,000 meals! That's worth every drop of sweat and achey muscle along the way. Every dollar truly matters!  

Want to learn more about MANNA's mission and work? Please visit MANNAFoodBank.org.


Hamza Vandehey Donated: $20.60
Keep up the awesome work!!
Sarah And Stu! Moore Donated: $75
Eruch Adams Donated: $10.30
Way to push yourself, Kipper. And for a great cause.
Doris Gibbs Donated: $103
Go, Kipper! Thanks for caring, Manna
Tammy Jones Donated: $51.50
Run, Kipper, Run! You got this!
Barbara Schauer Donated: $51.50
Run, Forrest, run!
Anonymous Donated: $25
You've totally got this, Kipper. It's going to be awesome.