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You have the Power2Save

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Power2Save $8 Challenge

An organ donor can save 8 lives. Donate $8 to support the required research to help these organs last a lifetime.

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A single organ donor can save up to 8 lives. While these organs extend the lives of those on the waiting list, more research is required to create a world without organ rejection and to make “one transplant for life” a reality.

This is your opportunity and personal invitation to make a difference by supporting transplant research.

Let's honor the donors who graciously checked "yes" to be an organ donor. A donation of $8 will honor these heroes and help provide the much-needed funds for transplant research. The Power2Save $8 CAMPAIGN not only honors the selfless organ donors who chose to donate their organs, but also funds the much-needed research to extend the lives of transplanted organs.

We have the power to save when we work TOGETHER!


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