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YOU can deliver health and hope to the world

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Ironman is not just a medal, it is a second chance. Join me as I cross the finish line and save a life with your contribution. 100% of your donation goes to delivering health and hope.

Your donation is valued at 20 times the $$ you donate. Please help me get 6 containers delivered with approximately $3,000,000 in life saving medical supplies to those that need it most.



When I heard the inspiring story of Project C.U.R.E. I was compelled to dig deeper into their story. 

What I found ended up becoming a part of my journey. Let it become a piece of yours as a vehicle to serve others and help those that need it most. 

They are one of the most efficient charities in the US and the largest in the world delivering health and hope with life saving medical supplies and on-site clinic trainnings to over 130+ countries world wide.

Please think about this note today, tomorrow, and Sunday with any purchase you make for a coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, grocery a bottle water, uber, anything because I'm asking you trade one daily purchase for donating to this cause.

And I need your help. I can not reach our funding goal alone. 

Trust me when I say, you will save a life. This will save many lives, we just need to come together as one and push this funding objective into the finish line. 

On this Saturday April 28th I will swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles for a total of 140.6 miles. 

Please pick $2.40, or $112 or $26.20 or all three $140.6 as a dollar amount to contribue. You will help deliver 20 times the value of your donation. And that saves lives. 

Contribute, share, and let me know you did! It will mean the world, and I will owe you one. 

Everything we all have in this short and temporary life is a blessing.

Thank you!

Your friend, 




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Anonymous Donated: $121,926
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