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Feed people and your passion with Outpace Hunger!

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The Pitchell Hike

I'm hiking with a few friends from Mt Pisgah to Mt Mitchell in 5 days. 64 miles total.... We did it! Total was actually 67 miles; still completed in 5 days.

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Hi! Pam Eveland here. I'm excited to support MANNA FoodBank's Outpace Hunger campaign. 

I'm planning to hike from Mt Pisgah to Mt Mitchell from April 14-18 with a few friends. This is a 64 mile hike and I'm asking for support for my goal with a $1 donation for each mile I hike. Please consider this $64 donation to help our community, however any amount is greatly appreciated. My 60th birthday is coming up (May7) and I would be honored if you wanted to make this donation in lieu of a gift. Thank you so much.

Update! Thank you all so much for donating to Manna Food Bank. I am continuing on my hike from Mt Pisgah to Mt Mitchell- 38 miles completed in 2 days. Three days left to go. Tired and sore, with a blister, but happy my body is supporting my goal. I thank you all so much for showing your support to me through your generous donations and kind words. Hiked in snow on Saturday  (day 4) near Craggy gardens. 58 miles behind us. Day 5 tomorrow. Sunday( day 5)- FINISHED! with 4 awesome friends, my husband and our dog, Pepper, all being part of the last day. 67 miles completed! 

I am so grateful for your support of my goal. At MANNA, $1 = 4 MEALS for neighbors facing food insecurity across Western North Carolina. Every dollar truly matters!  

Want to learn more about MANNA's mission and work? Please visit MANNAFoodBank.org.


Todd Eveland Donated: $1,030
Way to Go Pam. So proud of you! Love you
Barbara Squier Donated: $69.01
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY” Pam, 🎂 Fantastic cause, Awesome job!
Suzanne Koenig Donated: $65.92
Happy Birthday Pam! Good going with the hike
Colleen Beach Donated: $65.92
Happy Milestone Birthday, Pam!
Stephanie Irvine Donated: $75
Enjoy the hike! Beautiful day.
Barbara Kotts Donated: $50
Way to go!!!!
Andrea Paskow Donated: $100
Dearest Pam, you are so admirable in many ways; thank you for all the goodness you bring to the world❣️ With love, Andy
Kelly Fowler Donated: $65.92
Be safe and have fun!
MaryBeth Long Donated: $64
Solvitur Ambulando!💚
Elisabeth Keel Donated: $50
Excellent bday activity!😍
Jackie Eveland-Psyck Donated: $61.80
Happy (early) 60th Birthday, Pam! Safe travels on your 64 mile hike for a worthy cause. Love, Jackie
Sarah Mead Donated: $64
What a cool way to celebrate your bday!! Happy big 6-0! Love ya!!
Carol Ann Coyle Donated: $100
You go girl! 🎈 Happy birthday!
Stacey Conley Donated: $65.92
Ann Kurtis Donated: $64
Happy birthday and happy trails, Pam!
Vinita Khatavkar Donated: $64
Go Pam! Happy 60th Vinita- Darshan Khatavkar