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YOU can deliver health and hope to the world

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Supporting Hospital De La Paix in Ziguinchor, SENEGAL (West Africa) SN-18-113

Our goal is to get lifesaving equipment to the experts that need it greatly. You can help and show your support by donating, and sharing this with friends, family, and anyone who might be interested!


An anonymous donor at Project C.U.R.E. is providing a $7,500 match for donations made toward this project. Make your gift today to help us unlock the match and expedite needed relief for Hopital de la Paix!

This past holiday season I had the opportunity to travel to Ziguinchor in Senegal (West Africa). I went through an eye opening experience when I fell ill and visited Hopital De La Paix. During my visit I was devastated to see how this hospital was operating without essential equipment they need to treat patients. Though the staff are very qualified and experts in their fields they lacked the basic supplies they need to provide relief and comfort to many ill patients. What captured my heart even more is how patient centric this hospital is and I was treated free of charge. When I returned the Colorado I wanted to show my gratitude. In the process of volunteering with project C.U.R.E. I realized that Hopital De La Paix would tremendously benefit from these supplies. While we already have secured vital medical supplies, we need your help to accomplish our goal in getting the lifesaving equipment to the experts that need it greatly.In this shipment,there will be supplies such as but not limited to, surgical equipment, sterilization supplies, dental hygiene equipment, oxygen tanks, and many more. You can help and show your support by donating, and sharing this with friends, family, loved ones, and anyone who might be interested in helping. We thank you in advance for your support and generosity! Your donation is greatly appreciated, and will be used to ship the medical supplies to Hopital De La Paix in Ziguinchor Senegal. 


Jean Sebastian De Karl Dieme


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Anonymous Donated: $100
What a great opportunity to support the hospital in Senegal, which will allow them to help those in need!