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2020 Dancing with the Stars and Stripes

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Phil Williams and Jenny Haveman

We hope you will help us as we do our best to honor the service of those who have so nobly served us!

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The first thing Jenny asked Phil when they met for the first time was, "Can you find the one?" Phil's response provided her all she needed to fully understand the Herculean task that lay before her: "Well ... I think so .... we've been married for 15 years." 

Let's make no mistake about this, folks, Phil is the vet and Jenny is the talent. 

And we are both acutely aware of the damage that war inflicts on people's lives. That is war's purpose, and it should remain so. God help us if war ever becomes some sort of game. But the damage -- physical, psychological, emotional -- that results imposes upon those of us who directly benefit from that service and those who were somehow spared the worst a moral obligation to help heal. We can either prove ourselves worthy of that service and actively participate in that healing, or insult that service and dishonor ourselves by ignoring that obligation. But let us be clear: the obligation is not met in some abstract national policy priority. The Command was and remains simple: "You feed them."

Both of Phil's granddaddies served in World War II. Phil served two years in Iraq with the 101st Airborne and some of the finest people he's ever known. He was blessed to come home to a parade through Brentwood, TN, a loving and welcoming family, a hot wife with a beautiful lasagna -- sorry, a beautiful wife with a hot lasagna -- and, relatedly, clean sheets. Everything was so ... clear. Clean. Right. Phil's dad served in Vietnam. And while he certainly had a loving and welcoming family, there was no parade and not a whole lot of gratitude. Things were not so clear then. Not so clean. Something was wrong -- but not with those who served. Our country and her people have come a very long way since then, largely because those who walked through the fire remembered -- incubated -- what it means to serve each other, to honor each other, to heal each other. We are all still here because they believed that National Scar could heal -- we are all proof that it can, and that it is.

Jenny has poured her heart and her significant talents into a routine that is sure to leave an impression. Through the Sisyphean task of getting Phil to do a proper dance step, among other labors, the music and choreo she has built do a sublime job in telling the story of the enduring love between a Patriot and his Country. We believe and hope you will be a better person for seeing it. 

Our primary goal here is to honor those who honor and inspire us, that we may be found worhty of their service and our heritage, and that we will meet our continuing obligations to heal the wounds of war.

We hope you will join us. 

Now, before the emotion we hope you are overcome by dries up, quick! do one or all of the following:

To DONATE to VRC hrough our team, click on the "Donate" button. Every dollar donated is also one vote. Donations of $250 or more are eligible for benefits like tickets, advertising space, and more. Visit the sponsorship webpage for details.You will receive an emailed charitable tax receipt upon completing your online donation.

VRC was formed forty years ago by truly great Patriots who were embarassed at the treatment of their fellow vets. To learn more about VRC and the great work it does, visit the VRC home page at

To buy tickets or learn more about this fundraising event (the VIP reception is sure to not disappoint) visit:

Dancing with the Stars and Stripes.

Thank you for your support!

Phil and Jenny

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Jennifer Hampson Donated: $40
My money's on the Team to beat, in honor of 1st Lt. David Cook, US Army.