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You have the Power2Save

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Thanksgiving Transplant Wish

I am hoping to raise awareness and funds in memory of my grandmother, Gladys Lindsey, to support transplant research so that the gift of life might last a lifetime.

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As many of you know, I lost my grandmother, Gladys Lindsey, this month. I find it oddly comforting that the most kind and giving person I’ve ever known passed away in this month of Thanksgiving. I want to honor her memory by helping others and promoting a cause that is near to my heart. I invite you to join me.

Though organ donation and transplant has not directly impacted our family, I lost a dear friend who eventually received two liver transplants a number of years ago. This impacted me so deeply that I ultimately made organ transplant policy and education my career. My grandmother was so proud of all that I have accomplished and always listened with great interest and curiosity when I shared stories of my work. Gladys was not an organ donor, but I have no doubt she would have given anything she could had one of us needed it when she was healthy enough to do so. 

You may not realize that organ transplant is a treatment and not a cure. Transplant recipients must take many powerful medications each day to try and keep their new organ healthy and avoid rejection. Many recipients must return to the waiting list, going through a second or even multiple transplants… if they are lucky enough to get an organ in the first place. My wish is for these individuals to receive one transplant for life, allowing them to enjoy the quality of life that you and I often take for granted without worry of rejection or re-transplant. I have seen first hand the joy of transplant and the trials of going back to waiting for another organ that may or may not come in time.

Power2Save aspires to find a solution to this life-threatening problem. This includes raising funds for research to help eliminate the problem of organ rejection.

I invite you to make a donation in memory of my grandmother. If you or someone you care about has their own organ donation or transplant story, I also encourage you to make a brief Tribute video on the Power2Save website. There are so many powerful stories out there from donor families, living donors, those awaiting a lifesaving organ, and those who have received the gift of life and doing their best to make it last.

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