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Support Stonewall's Game-Changing Work

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Stonewall & Me: Turning 50 Together!

I was born June 27, 1969. I'm not saying I'm the reincarnation of Judy or that my birth so shook the world that some bricks came loose and some fed up queens got the party started, but...

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Do you love me?

Would you like to say HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY in a really meaningful way?  

Honoring Pride means taking action to ensure the LGBTQ Movement continues. Join me in supporting Stonewall's work today!

I have had the great honor of serving on the Board of Directors of SCF since 2015 and I have been floored by the essential work of LGBTQIA organizations in the Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and beyond that form its grantee network. This is our community in all its spectacular colors and diversity. 

Please celebrate the amazing progress and future of the Queer movement AND my 50th Birthday with an important act of generosity. Every donation - no matter the size - is an important endorsement of the Stonewall Community Foundation mission! 



Douglas Wirth Donated: $100
Michael is a beautiful soul inside and out! His desire to celebrate his birthday by inviting friends, family and loved ones to donate to SCF speaks volumes about his bright Spirit!
Jarrett Lucas Donated: $50
I, for one, think you are the reincarnation of Judy. Thanks for all you do, Michael!