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Hiking for Hunger: Pacific Crest Trail 2023

Our next big adventure begins April 12, 2023!

$15.45 of $40,000

We are gearing up for another hike – this time on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)! Again, we invite you to share in our adventures and explore the trail with us as we strive to raise money to help support our neighbors experiencing food insecurity in Western North Carolina (WNC).

This year, MANNA FoodBank is celebrating 40 years of serving WNC communities. In honor of this milestone and MANNA’s incredible service over the years, we are setting a lofty goal of raising $40,000 during our PCT thru hike! We’re counting on all of y’all to help us reach “40K for 40 Years,” which would help provide as many as 160,000 meals for folks facing food insecurity in WNC.

Follow along on our adventures and get real-time updates from the trail:

Hiking for Hunger on Instagram

Hiking for Hunger Website

Hiking for Hunger YouTube Channel

Fun fact: you can support us for every mile we complete on the PCT! Since our goal is to raise $40,000, and the trail is roughly 2,650 miles in length (just about), $15 = 1 mile; $30 = 2 miles; $60 = 4 miles; $75 = 5 miles; $105 = 7 miles; and so on… Consider making your gift in increments of $15 and “Fund-race” us to Canada!

You can support our journey and MANNA's work by making a donation using the button above. Or, if you prefer to contribute by check, you can mail it to MANNA FoodBank, 627 Swannanoa River Road, Asheville, NC 28805, and note "Hiking for Hunger" in the memo line.

Our MANNA community is amazing - together, we can do this!

Micah & Keeka Grant-Tomlinson


PS - If you're inspired by our adventures and think you might want to challenge yourself while helping feed people too, click the "Become a Fundraiser" button to learn more about MANNA's Outpace Hunger campaign!

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