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The Refugee Life Foundation

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Running Refugees

Thank you for supporting our goal to help refugees in need.


On September 9, 2020, fires destroyed the Moria Refugee Camp, Greece’s largest migrant camp leaving nearly 13,000 people without access to clean water, medical supplies, food and clothing. A group of concerned citizens are raising funds to support our brothers and sisters severely affected by this tragic event.

Beginning Saturday October 10, 2020, a relay team will run 262.2 miles from Chicago to Springfield, Il. Also, relay teams in Palestine and South Africa will be formed to run in solidarity with the Running Refugees. The Refugee Life Foundation is proud to partner with Team Humanity, an NGO stationed at the Moria Camp and is the life source for thousands of refugees who reside there before the camp set fire.

All funds raised from the Running Refugees Relay will go towards Team Humanity and their continued effort to supply refugee families the necessities to survive especially during the winter months ahead.


Anonymous Donated: $50
Wishing you continued success for this great cause IA Tamima
Anonymous Donated: $250
Great work!
Michelle Hearne Donated: $103
We love you Nan & Ash we love what you and this team have accomplished! Keep fighting for those who can’t and being a voice for the people those who aren’t heard!
Anonymous Donated: $51.50
We danced at a wedding while you ran! Thank you for your dedication.
Anonymous Donated: $51.50
Thank you for the opportunity to support your organization!!
Anonymous Donated: $103
Congratulations on completing the run. This is such a great strides your taking to support the refugees. We thank you for your dedication and motivation.
Issam Abozir Donated: $100
Good luck!
Mohammad Saleh Donated: $250
Best of luck runners! Wish i could have joined.
Jose Soto Donated: $113
The BEST of LUCK to ALL runners 🏃‍♀️ and again Thanks For All You’ll Do to bring awareness!!! Allah Loves you’ll!!! Peace ✌️
Anonymous Donated: $103
May Allah accept your works and reward all of you🙏
Mark Lane-Holbert Donated: $103
What a blessing to feel a part of this, and to somehow bare our humanity through understanding the plight of our most vulnerable. May we always see ourselves in their eyes of migrants and refugees, our human brothers and sisters in this global migration, as we also move our hearts, run with our bodies and suffer (in a very small proportion) to finish.