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Give InterPlay Day

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Support InterPlay New England

Help Bring the Wisdom of the Body to the World

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New England is gearing up for Leadership Trainings and much more. Check out the following happenings and how your support will go a long way:

  • Leader Training and Life Practice scholarships
  • Changing the Race Dance opportunities
  • Art Response Projects taking shape
  • InterPlay with elders: Memory Cafes and more
  • Regular Regional InterPlay gatherings

Your contribution will make it easy for us to say “yes” to the folks who come to us wanting to share InterPlay in their communities. Across the country, we have wonderful progress in these areas and we want to nourish the growth we see in New England.

If InterPlay New England is inspiring and important to you, click here to support a thriving community.

One Day Only!!

If you want to participate in Give INTERPLAY Day, join us right here from midnight to midnight on April 25th!


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