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Together We Give to Our Masjid #GivingTuesday

Help us Raise $10,000 Towards our Masjid Fund

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Our Giving is Allah's Gift to Us

Charity grows our attachment to what we give. For us Muslims whatever that we give for the sake of Allah is always replaced with what's greater. It's replaced by Him SWT, replaced with His pleasure, nearness and generousity.

Allah SWT says: You will never achieve righteousness until you donate some of what you cherish. And whatever you give is certainly well known to Allah. 3:92 

Our Giving is Allah's Gift to Us

Give Generously to help us raise $10,000 towards our Masjid Fund

Whether it's a $1000 or $10 your donation makes a difference, increase it's impact by making it a recurring gift. 



Together We Give to Our Masjid 

Together We Grow & Strengthen Our Community 

Your donation* will help us cover:

1. The maintenance costs of the lower floor.  

2. Renovation of upper floor Musala's rugs.  

3. The annual budget of cleaning the center.

*Your donation is zakat eligible, tax deductable. 

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