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1K are A-Okay

Forsyth Community Clinic 100 Founders Club

$90,158.75 of $100,000

1K are A-Okay: 100 Founders Club



Attain 100 donors to donate $1,000 so we can treat and track our first 1K patients


Nearly 30,000 Forsyth County residents are uninsured and needing healthcare. These individuals either rely on the services provided at the ER or they simply go untreated, battling chronic yet treatable issues. The clinic opened its doors to provide comprehensive healthcare for anyone in a situation of need, be they low-income, homeless, jobless, new graduate, freelancer, or someone experiencing an unexpected “life” moment. The money we raise and care we provide benefits our entire community.

The impact

A patient in the clinic can be treated for roughly $100. This same patient costs thousands of dollars at the ER. For $1K an individual donor can affect the lives of 10 patients. This is significant for many reasons, the greatest of which is that 10 people are on the pathway to being A-Okay.

The Return

This is a legacy movement, an opportunity to become a founder of our organization, to have you or your organization’s name forever preserved as a Founder, as someone who saw value and heart in what we do and gave of yourself. It’s a unique feeling to carry the distinction of Founder and share connection with a small group of people who care and want to make a difference in their community.

Your donation includes designation as part of the Forsyth Community Clinic 100 Founders Club with a physical commemoration inside the clinic to honor all donors. Additionally, members will receive a personal gift and, once the first 1K patients have been treated, we will celebrate you and the other members with a special event. These are the tangibles; knowing you make a difference in the lives of so many people is the priceless intangible. Please accept this invitation to join this group.

My Story

Who among us, as an adult, has ever been without health insurance? Actually, who has been without health insurance and had to face a medical emergency? I’m raising my hand. Being an uninsured adult facing a medical crisis or emergency is genuinely terrifying and unsettling. I know this because I’ve experienced it, twice, as an educated, experienced, working individual who decided to pursue a freelance career and had no insurance safety net. One “emergency” was relatively minor; the other was not. Fortunately, I lived in a city with a strong network of free clinics. Without them I would have found myself at an emergency room with a steep bill I could not pay or worse.

If you’ve been in the same situation and lived without health insurance you understand the anxiety that hovers over most of your days. If you also needed immediate medical care, that stress goes through the roof. At the time I barely considered healthcare; it wasn’t on my radar until it was. I was healthy until I wasn’t and needed treatment. We can’t always control what happens to us or when we may require medical care. Without the safety net of health insurance many people can find themselves in frightening situations. The Forsyth Community Clinic has opened its doors to be the safety net for those who need it, not just in dire situations but also to provide free, comprehensive, life-changing consistent care to uninsured, vulnerable adults in our community who need healthcare and peace of mind.

I was born and raised in Forsyth County. After many years away, I recently felt drawn back. Upon arrival I was offered the Executive Director position with the clinic. Since coming on board, I’ve passionately believed for this to be a thriving endeavor it needs to be driven and supported by the community, the community I grew up in and was shaped by. I’m on a mission to build the Forsyth Community Clinic to offer the same peace of mind and support that was given to me. A community that ensures its most vulnerable residents receive access to health care as a bridge to wellness and increased quality of life is a community that is both incredibly strong and caring and one in which I am blessed and proud to be a member. To achieve this goal I created a campaign, 1K are A-Okay, to find 100 donors willing to donate $1K so we can work toward treating our first 1K patients. Most uninsured patients are forced to choose the ER; the clinic is a vital alternative. Many patients choosing the ER would prefer to go somewhere more comprehensive in its approach and more personal.  Just as I was a freelancer who had to utilize a clinic, there are others in our community who are similar, as well as those who have other circumstances that put them in a position to need a free clinic. Either way, we all want to be healthy and feel good.

Certainly, blindly reaching and asking you to consider making a $1000 donation to an organization you possibly didn’t know existed is bold. $1k is a significant contribution. I acknowledge that and respect any trepidatious feelings you might have. All I ask is that you take a moment and consider the request. Visit our website (www.forsythcommunityclinic.org), shoot me an email, give me a call or maybe even meet me for a coffee and let me share more information with you. The clinic is here to help those who are in a position of need, much like I was when I needed that lifesaving helping hand.

I’m grateful for your time, for your consideration and for the threads that connect us all. If you cannot commit to the full $1K, please know there are no insignificant donations; there are other ways to donate, and we are grateful and moved by all of them.


Evan Shoemake

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We are so thankful to the dedicated staff, volunteers and other donors who have made this clinic possible.
Susan Burtch
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Sally And Derek Franklin
Forsyth Community Clinic meets a critical need in our community.
Chuck And Lynn Pugh
Dream Dinners is very excited to support and be a part of our local Forsyth Community Clinic! We look forward to partnering with you!
Congratulations to the founding Forsyth Community Clinic Board of Directors and Executive Director for your tireless dedication and work to bring the clinic to fruition...what a blessing this is for our community!
Christopher, Carrie And Clara Hamilton
It is important that we take care of each other and I hope that this gift helps all of those committed to providing their time and services make a difference.
Christy Diaz