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Fundraise for Live SunSmart Foundation

$0 of $10,000

Are you participating in one of our events, such as our Annual Melanoma Walk, and need to raise money for your team? Do you have a birthday or anniversary coming up? Would you like to honor someone who is special to you? There is an easy and fun way to do any one of those – create a personal fundraising page.

Creating a personal fundraising page and sharing your story is a great way to provide support for our cause. It is also a quick and easy way to raise money that will go directly to support the mission of the Live SunSmart Foundation.

About Live SunSmart Foundation

The Live SunSmart Foundation is committed to educating everyone on the importance of being “Sun Smart”. Our message is simple. We advocate that everyone should have fun in the sun, through sports and other outdoor activities, but should take precautions when doing so. We consider the Live SunSmart Foundation a “lifestyle" organization and want to create a “social norm” of how to behave responsibly in the sun.


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