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ECA Community Connectivity Campaign

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$4,573.15 of $7,500

We are seeking donations to expand the following efforts:

  • Chromebooks for student learning
  • Wi-FI for students and families
  • Food and Essentials
  • Enagagement and Communication


Schools have long been used as the archetypal example of the Great American Melting Pot on a shrunk down scale, and ECA is no exception. Within these walls is a community who draws from a variety of backgrounds, races, classes and socio-economic statuses. This school brings members of the Arvada community together and levels the playing field for students who wish to pursue their college dreams. The 100% admission policy for this tuition-free school removes obstacles for all pursuing post-secondary education. Every student who walks these halls gets the chance to advance their college career by two years before they even graduate high school. 

While school allows students to feel equal, in view of the fact that they all receive the same assignments, the same expectations, same textbooks and same access to school computers during the school day. Unfortunately, that is no longer true because of COVID-19.  The damage from this virus extends beyond the American Healthcare system and goes into the classroom. The economic devastation from this outbreak has widened the already growing economic and digital divide. Soaring job losses and unemployment rates exacerbate the disparities many of our low socio-economic students face at home. Many of our families that were hit the hardest during this crisis also have to shoulder the burden of the growing education gap. This can be discouraging to anyone who faces this and students can feel left behind by their peers. ECA wrestles with its own funding and resource challenges to provide technology and life essentials to its remote learners during this crisis. ECA is a small school with a tight-knit community. Our lack of support from a school district limits our capacity to help families in need.

Access to free college courses gives students and their families opportunities that they would not have otherwise. Students without connectivity are unable to finish their assignments. While Teachers are doing all they can to meet students in the middle under these extenuating circumstances, our remote learners must be able to prepare for the next grade level in order to succeed. 

The pressure of this pandemic has shown that when the opportunity presents itself, people will rise to the occasion and help each other out. For this reason, ECA is launching an effort to provide technological equity to its remote learners in need. Join us to provide a safety net for these students and families during this turbulent time.  Along with the provision of 48 Chromebooks to students, ECA wishes to address Wi-Fi concerns for 10 households that go without connectivity. Finally, with many parents out of work due to the coronavirus, families all over the world and here in Arvada, contend with their own kitchen table concerns. ECA has used portions of its budget to provide Walmart gift cards for families that need groceries, toilet paper, and other essentials beyond remote learning technological needs. We are enlisting you to help us help families in Arvada, both during this critical time and to guarantee ECA’s preparedness for any future calamities.


Charlotte Noble Donated: $103
Yay Mrs. Wilcox!! In addition to being an excellent teacher, you also follow the golden rule. Students are blessed to have you to guide them!
Scott Thompson Donated: $51.50
Please use my donation as needed.
Charles Lewis Donated: $51.50
Great cause! Best of luck to all of you!
Kurt Brown Donated: $103
We're the family of Lucas Brown. I pledge to donate $100/month until every kid has what they need.
Greg Cordrey Donated: $75
Happy to help out!
Anonymous Donated: $51.50
Great cause! Happy to help.
The Owens Family Donated: $25.75
Thanks to ECA for all they are doing to support our community