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Hit the Road!

In the past six months of operations, we have learned that to most effectively help the people who need our services most the clinic needs to be in their neighborhoods, in their communities. Our mission is and always has been to provide vital healthcare to those who do not have health insurance and to do that we want to remove as many barries as possible and create as many options for people as possible. Mobile health clinics are not a new concept but it is new to Forsyth County. 

Over time we have done necessary research and identified the areas of greatest need and to reach them effectively we need to have our own mobile medical unit, something that, in the beginning will just be an RV or motorhome but in time will grow into a full-fledged medical unit. The clinic has been steadily going into the community since we opened our doors and we find that when we are outside of the clinic we reach a significantly larger portion of the population.  This is why we've launched this campaign. Two donors have already graciously pledged to match up to $10,000 in donations so we're already off to a great start but we know the people of Forsyth and we know we can go way past that. 

It's an exciting and thrilling prospect and we hope that you will come along with us on this journey, both literally and figuratively. This is a tangible gift, something you can see and know you helped purchase. It also presents a way for you to engage with us by coming along when we're seeing patients or helping with small tasks like maintenance and upkeep! 

We hope you will consider helping make this idea a reality. It is such a unique opportunity to make history, to be one of the people who gave Forsyth County its first mobile clinic and helped change the lives of the thousands of uninsured residents living here. 

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George And Karen Pirkle
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Erin And Mark Carper
Home Depot Foundation
Joann Hohmann
Carrie Hamilton
Amy Moreau
Anonymous Donor
Christy Diaz
Joan Harbin
Mary Helen And John McGruder


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In honor of my birthday today, I celebrate the Forsyth Community Clinic! Let’s get on the road!
Carrie Hamilton
I’m in! Let’s get out there! 😊👍
Joan Harbin