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Help Our Schools Continue to Thrive With Your 25!

Fundraiser page mhs bulldog

Montclair High School

MHS is excited to partner with MFEE on its "25 for 25" Campaign!


MHS is eager to help MFEE with its goal of enlisting 2,500 people to donate at least $25 for the Montclair Public Schools.  We hope to engage 200 MHS family members, students, and staff to contribute.  In exchange, MFEE will donate up to $2000 to the new MHS Junior Board to support impactful projects at MHS.

Increase our school's odds of receiving funds:  Snap a photo of yourself (and your fellow donors if you are donating as a group!) with a sign that reads "I helped my school thrive with my 25!" and email it to [email protected]  Your photo will be entered in a lottery to earn $1,000 for our school.

MFEE leverages our dollars with outside funding to provide critical resources that help enrich our school.  They also provide unique professional development to our teachers.  MFEE impacts every single child - please donate today!


Mhs Cross Country/ Track & Field Donated: $29
We support MFEE!
Fran Baltzer Donated: $25
Excited to see the Junior Board in action!
Michele Chiles Hickman Donated: $25
Great job Masiel and crew!