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Help Our Schools Continue to Thrive With Your 25!

$53,887.95 of $62,500

In honor of our 25th anniversary, we’re asking you to join us in our greatest fundraising challenge: enlisting 2,500 people to donate at least $25 each. And if you are able, add a zero or donate a multiple of 25 to strengthen our impact even more!

Our schools, alone, cannot provide the rich experience that we all want for our kids. MFEE is testimony to the power of our generous, committed community to significantly enhance our schools.  Watch the video to see how your contributions have helped our classrooms come alive.

Together, we have profoundly impacted public education in Montclair in our first 25 years.  Imagine what we will accomplish in the next 25.


Mhs Cross Country/ Track & Field Donated: $29
We support MFEE!
Samanthaa Anglin Donated: $25.75
The MFEE is your local education fund that recognizes and promotes educational and professional excellence and student well being in the MPS. Their creative fundraising programs are unifying and they directly impact our resource opportunities. I'm proud to support their (our) mission!
Mary Lynn Berry Donated: $200
Thank you, Joyce Michaelson, for creating this wonderful organization.
Fran Baltzer Donated: $25
Excited to see the Junior Board in action!
Patty And Baris Abad Yagci Donated: $25.75
To the growth of our children, their educators, who water them every day, and MFEE's wonderful support along the way!
Alan Berkowitz Donated: $500
Thank you MFEE for your gifts to the community.
Harriett Parker Donated: $25
Thank you for supporting our teachers, MFEE!
Drury Thorp Donated: $25
Hooray for the MFEE! Thank you for all you have done for our students and teachers.
Michele Chiles Hickman Donated: $25
Great job Masiel and crew!
Watchung Booksellers Donated: $250
Thank you for supporting our teachers!
Stuart Ball Donated: $5,000
The concept of free public education for all is the most vital and enlightened core principle of our deeply troubled society. It is under attack as never before. Thanks to the MFEE and the many others committed to standing strong in this battle.
Walter Springer Donated: $50
This donation goes to Montclair HS in memory of Craig Gonzalez
Art Hickok Emily Grand Donated: $1,025
Thank you MFEE for all your good work!
Joseph Kavesh Donated: $25
Thank you very much for your diligent work in the Township. Regards. Joe.
Montclair Public School Nurses Donated: $25
Montclair Public School Nurses thank you for all that you do! Happy Anniversary!
Emily Becker Donated: $500
We support MFEE and appreciate its positive impact on our schools and students.
Elaine Sinisi Donated: $25
With Love from Valley Girl!
Wah Chung Donated: $25
Wah Chung supports MFEE!
Ronald Pruitt Donated: $5
We love what MFEE does for Montclair Schools!