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Give InterPlay Day

Fundraiser page india from cynthia

InterPlay India

Leaders around the World

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Support InterPlay India to bring back the wisdom from the margins to its educational institutions.  From the center of the city, we travel to where we have banished parts of ourselves, our communities and our planet.  How do we educate for health, for peace, for integrity, and for sustainability? What does it take to walk out of our comfort zones, stop and listen to the other?   What happens when we ask the margins to teach us, not how to make a difference but how to be different?

Your gift today supports the InterPlay India community to

  • See, hear, smell, touch and feel life at the margins through PLAY
  • Recognize and become aware we belong to the same common home and how profoundly we are interconnected
  • Create a movement to dare to include
  • Retreats to deepen the collective wisdom and commit to actionable change
  • Celebrate connections…. Celebrate communities… Celebrate each other… Celebrate breathing together…. Wheeeee!!


Holding our hands and our hearts in connection

If InterPlay India is inspiring and important to you, click here to support a thriving community.

One Day Only!!

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Harriet Platts Donated: $103
My hand in raised toward my India InterPlay friends! Big heart! Love, Harriet