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Give InterPlay Day

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$14678.11 of $15000

One Day Only!! If you want to participate in Give INTERPLAY Day, join us right here from midnight to midnight on April 10th.

Learn about the many ways you can support the movement:

National and International Leadership
The national office facilitates the growth of InterPlay “all over the place,” with new initiatives, wide-ranging programming, a strong organizational core, and an active Board of Directors. Your support keeps things humming!

Commemorating the African Arrival
InterPlayers will be visiting The Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace in commemoration of 400 years since Africans were forcefully brought to the Americas.

Scholarships for Millennials and Leaders of Color
Invest in gifted leaders to learn the tools of InterPlay to change the world.

Support InterPlay Atlanta
Support InterPlay Atlanta in growing Sustaining International Sisters (SIS), Trinity House, and scholarships.

Support InterPlay Chicago
InterPlay Chicago is creating public performances and needs scholarships for the Life Practice Programs.

Support InterPlay Goshen
This is Goshen's first Give InterPlay day; they are raising funds for more free events as well as bring new people in with scholarships

Support InterPlay India
Support InterPlay India to bring back the wisdom from the margins to its educational institutions, creating retreats to deepen the collective wisdom and commit to actionable change.

Bring Changing the Race Dance to Kansas City
Help InterPlay Kansas City bring Changing the Race Dance to their community

Support InterPlay New England
InterPlay New England needs your support to create regional gatherings, art responses as well as scholarships.

Support InterPlay New York City
A small but mighty group of Millennials are launching a new region.

Support InterPlay Pittsburgh
Support InterPlay Pittsburgh's efforts to recruit and train Certified InterPlay leaders and teachers of color and millennials; to pay for musicians and space rentals, and to send leaders to national trainings to learn and share best practices with InterPlay leaders around the globe.

Support InterPlay Raleigh-Durham
The Raleigh-Durham area is committed to raising funds for scholarships for leaders of color, millennials and full-time artists/activists.

Support InterPlay Sacramento/Davis
InterPlay Sacramento/Davis needs support in bringing Changing the Race Dance to the area, as well as in providing scholarships for participants

Support InterPlay Seattle
The Seattle InterPlay community is raising funds to support new Leaders of Color with leadership training, creating more opportunities for People of Color to be at the center.

Support InterPlay Twin Cities
InterPlay in the Twin Cities needs support in maintaining the thriving community through scholarships to attend the national Leaders Gathering, Life Practice Programs, and Leader Training programs.

Support InterPlay Washington D.C.
InterPlay Washington DC also needs funds for Leader Training program scholarships, as well as supporting Changing the Race Dances happening nationally.

Support any of our local projects! If you would like to donate to multiple projects, you need to check out multiple times. Thank you for your generosity!

InterPlay’s approach reconnects people to the wisdom of the body, fostering community, ease and grace among people from all walks of life. Many discover that magic happens when we tell our stories, sing our songs, and dance our dances in love and service.

Your contribution will help support things like:

  • Training and mentoring the leaders who share InterPlay

  • Bringing InterPlay to marginalized communities

  • Sustaining and growing this global social movement and supporting other important InterPlay activiies


Constance Blackmon Donated: $51.50
Great work!
Julia Mc Kay Donated: $103
InterPlay has created real ways to build human community grounded in what human beings naturally and organically need for spiritual and emotional health. I give today that all might have access to this empowerment!
Annlee Mc Gurk Donated: $257.50
So happy to be a part of and contribute to this life-transforming, global movement. Keep up the good work!
Susanne Mulcahy Donated: $51.50
Grateful for the opportunity to support a growing InterPlay community! And not sooo far from my home.... ;-)
Susanne Mulcahy Donated: $51.50
Forever grateful for InterPlay in my life, and my InterPlaymates, near and far!
Keith Darby Donated: $103
Cynthia and Phil... Blessings, love, strength, power and joy. Miss you guys, Love Keith
Betty Carol Smith Donated: $103
(Same message as I gave up above.)
Jennifer Denning Donated: $25.75
So grateful for the gift of InterPlay in Atlanta and the world!
Harriet Platts Donated: $103
My hand in raised toward my India InterPlay friends! Big heart! Love, Harriet
Tracey Joy Miller Donated: $50
Go InterPlay!! I love InterPlay because I didn’t have to be exceptional to do it and enjoy it!!
Celia Swanson Donated: $103
InterPlay is my life practice! It has influenced almost every aspect of my life, making me more resilient, happy, flexible (both physically and mentally), and connected to myself and others. Join me in making sure InterPlay in the Twin Cities continues to thrive and grow!
Monisha Mittal Donated: $75
InterPlay is a life balm revitalizing the world. So happy to contribute.
Marcia Mc Fee Donated: $100
Celebrating Interplay and the amazing impact that it has on the world! Thank you for the impact in my life!!
Jane Tintle Donated: $25.75
I loved doing this w/ Sr. Pam @ Ronkonkoma Cenacle . I’d love to see more & even learn more. Thanks for all your wonderful blessings 🙏🦋🛋
Christine Gautreaux Donated: $103
So grateful for all of the work InterPlay Atlanta is doing & really lucky to be a part of it!
Lynda Letourneau Donated: $25.75
Thank You dear North Carolina InterPlayers for setting this up. 🙏💜🥰
Spruce Krause Donated: $51.50
I can't imagine a life without InterPlay. With so much gratitude for community, for silliness, soulfulness and many other flavors, for leaders and playmates who enrich my life. Spruce
Anonymous Donated: $103
New InterPlay Leaders bring inspiration, creative expression and embodied wisdom to our communities! YEAAAAA!
Anonymous Donated: $103
I'm honored to give toward bringing new leaders on board - new communities, new ideas... old wisdom!
Ruth Schowalter Donated: $103
Sustaining International Sisters (SIS) with InterPlay and Potluck is bringing together a global community of women to inspire and support one another. As co-founder of SIS with Canan Arikan, I support the work we do with time, spirit, and here a donation to ensure we have a space to play and that those who are invited can come to play without the need to pay. We ask for donations but want all women to attend who desire to participate.