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Donate to Team Our Lady of the Angels 2021!

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Donate to Daniel LaPonsie's Fundraiser for the 2021 Chicago Marathon to benefit Team Our Lady of the Angels!

Hello, all! I'm running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon to support Mission of Our Lady of the Angels. Below is a little about the Mission, and what you can do to help

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About the Mission of the Our Lady of the Angels

The Mission of Our Lady of the Angels exists to provide spiritual and material support in West Humboldt Park, Chicago. This is an area that experiences some of the highest rates of violent crime in the country.


  • The Mission now feeds and clothes 3000 families a month!
  • Hundreds of youth participate in a variety of afterschool, evening, and summer programs
  • Each week the Mission hosts between 50-60 senior citizens for a seniors' program that includes: a senior-friendly exercise class, a group Bible study, lunch, and fellowship
  • They provide emergency assistance
  • They engage in street evangelization
  • The Mission provides additional material and pastoral support to families, youth, and senior citizens through a variety of means—details about this and more available at missionola.com

Let’s help Mission of Our Lady of the Angels continue large-scale community projects such as food pantries, clothing drives, and educational community programming in an area of the country where hope would be otherwise hard to find!

How you can help

Most importantly, the Mission (and I- with this marathon training and racing!) need your prayers. We all will be offering the struggles of our training and racing up for the Mission and the people it serves. Please pray for us!

We are also raising money to support the Mission on the way to the finish line. If you are interested in making a donation to the Mission, please click the donate button on this page.

Let’s help a Mission that feeds 3,000 families and brings the light of Christ into one of the most challenged neighborhoods in the US. 

Thank you!

The Mission relies completely on private donations to function, so any donation, no matter how small, is highly appreciated.

The financial need is particularly great this year as the Mission continues their expanded COVID / post-COVID outreach AND finishes the renovations of their new outreach center. The Mission is in process of renovating its new outreach center that will dramatically improve its ability to distribute material resources, host neighborhood groups for meetings, and house the volunteers they rely upon for their work.

Thank you for your consideration!

Daniel LaPonsie


Team Our Lady of the Angels will be running in the 2021 Bank of America Chicago Marathon to support Mission of Our Lady of the Angels! 

Mission of Our Lady of the Angels exists to provide material and spiritual support to W. Humboldt Park, Chicago- one of the most challenged neighborhoods in the US. The Mission feeds about 3000 families a month, provides additional material and pastoral support to families, youth, and senior citizens, and, most importantly, brings the love of Christ to a neighborhood desperately in need of hope. More info about the Mission at www.missionola.com.

Funds raised from Team OLA 2021 will be used to:

(1) Continue to respond to the complicated needs created by COVID-19 and the social unrest of summer 2020

-The Mission's neighborhood was hard hit by COVID-19, the economic effects of COVID-19, and many businesses were looted and burned in summer 2020. We will continue to respond with additional material and social service support.

(2) Help the Mission open its new outreach center when COVID restrictions are lifted 

-We anticipate completing the renovations of our new outreach center in summer 2020. We hope that funds raised by Team OLA 2021 will cover all of our opening costs- painting, furnishes, new doors, new signs etc. 

Donate today to be part of the miracle that is TEAM OLA!

More about Mission of OLA here: missionola.com/about_overview

The Mission is a 501(c)(3) and relies entirely on the donations of private donors.


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