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Donate to Team Our Lady of the Angels 2021!

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$34,801.43 of $250,000

Team Our Lady of the Angels will be running in the 2021 Bank of America Chicago Marathon to support Mission of Our Lady of the Angels

Mission of Our Lady of the Angels exists to provide material and spiritual support to W. Humboldt Park, Chicago- one of the most challenged neighborhoods in the US. The Mission feeds about 3000 families a month, provides additional material and pastoral support to families, youth, and senior citizens, and, most importantly, brings the love of Christ to a neighborhood desperately in need of hope. More info about the Mission at www.missionola.com.

Funds raised from Team OLA 2021 will be used to:

(1) Continue to respond to the complicated needs created by COVID-19 and the social unrest of summer 2020

-The Mission's neighborhood was hard hit by COVID-19, the economic effects of COVID-19, and many businesses were looted and burned in summer 2020. We will continue to respond with additional material and social service support.

(2) Help the Mission open its new outreach center when COVID restrictions are lifted 

-We anticipate completing the renovations of our new outreach center in summer 2020. We hope that funds raised by Team OLA 2021 will cover all of our opening costs- painting, furnishes, new doors, new signs etc. 

Donate today to be part of the miracle that is TEAM OLA!

The Mission is a 501(c)(3) and relies entirely on the donations of private donors.


Anonymous Donated: $103
God bless you!
George Fox Donated: $25
Angela Godspeed to you as you run this Chicago marathon. I pray God's angels will be with you every step of the way helping you to achieve such a monumental event.
Anonymous Donated: $25
I'm happy to support a good cause😇 P. P.
Kimberly Merkel Donated: $51.50
Best of luck to Mary Claire! Glad to help this exceptional girl help others!
Mattie Newsom Donated: $25
Congratulations and best wishes fir your marathon & fundraiser
Mark Rutledge Donated: $25
Have fun & have a great run!
Capuchin Vocation Office Donated: $101
Todo o nada
Anonymous Donated: $342.99
Run like the wind!
Marilyn Noettl Donated: $51.50
Mary Claire - good luck on your races. We are so proud of your generous spirit, in helping those in need. Love, Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Don
The Korneys Donated: $51.50
Good luck, Mary Claire! We love you!
Rosemary Dicicco Donated: $51.50
Good luck with your races. We are so proud of you for doing this to help the OLA mission! Love Uncle Randy & Aunt Rose
Anonymous Donated: $103
Good luck running, Mary Claire! God has given you such a big, beautiful heart - keep serving others 💜
Mary Lou Manion Donated: $51.50
Good Luck Mary Claire!
Tom DiCicco Donated: $50
Mary Claire - Thanks so much for helping those in need. Good luck with the races! Tom & Nicole
Eva Meier Donated: $30
So proud of you! Run like the wind 💜
Clare Murphy Donated: $25.75
Go Catherine! May God grant you the physical, mental, and spiritual strength to endure this journey! So proud of you!
Suzanne Halloran Donated: $51.50
You go girl! Will be with you in spirit while you train and run. Happy birthday Catherine!!
Anonymous Donated: $30
So excited for! Congrats & kick butt :)
Tanvi Mago Donated: $100
Proud of you!!!
Anonymous Donated: $50
Happy to donate. I'll be cheering you on!
John Ruiz Donated: $154.50
Sr. Stephanie I will put 10/10/21 on my calendar and run and pray for your journey. Have a safe and joyous run. O BTW, please pray one of Rosary during the marathon for my special intension. God bless Have a good Holy week and Blessed Easter Season
Kathleen Heller Donated: $50
Delia, it is great you are doing this — wishing you & Team Our Lady of the Angels all the best!
Judy Moran Donated: $25
Go George!
Natalia Schniererova Donated: $20.60
Goodluck Molly!!! 🙌🏻
Cathy Cerone Donated: $250
Way to go, George!! I My family’s history reaches back 4 generation to this parish. I LOVE the Mission of OLA, Sister Stephanie and all my sisters in heart and Bishop Bob Lombardo. I’m honored to support you through Team OLA. Rest assured, George, I’ll be praying for you!! 🙏🏻
Mia Montemurro Donated: $51.50
Way to go, George!!
Kim Syme Donated: $103
Good luck Delia! So great of you to do this!
Anonymous Donated: $51.50
For our MVP and his cause! -Class of 2024
Julie Schuster Donated: $50
Holly Benson - run like the wind, girlie! I admire you and what you stand for! - Julie ❤️
Anonymous Donated: $103
God bless OLA and your ministry!
Karen Hurley Donated: $103
Go Alex! From Birdie and UM
Anonymous Donated: $40
Donation received from Steph and Jeff Brite! Thank you very much!
Caroline Harvey Donated: $50
You go, girl!!
JOHN BENZ Donated: $50
Molly Benz, God bless your generosity. Good luck and get some good shoes! Uncle John