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The Ultimate Race Continues!

Fundraiser page goldfish with dragon tattoo

Goldfish Assassins

There's no obstacle we can't conquer...except keeping our kids' goldfish alive.


Jaclyn Stein, and her husband, Ariel Helwani, and Dave Placek, and his wife, Bridget, met through mommy and me class at Shomrei Preschool. As parents of 3 kids under 5, our families bonded quickly over sleepless nights and an inability to keep the goldfish our kids won at the Purim Carnival alive. To support the students of Montclair Public Schools and to prove to our families that we have many talents outside of poor pet care, Jaclyn and David are entering this race to win!


Ali & Scott Simon Donated: $50
Good luck guys! If you should get another fish and need some tips, let us know...ours has beat the odds and is still swimming a year later :)
Jill Stanley Donated: $25
Good luck!
Vickie Miller Donated: $25
Good luck getting to that finish line!
Noelle Hozumi Donated: $103
Good luck, goldfish assasins!!
Barry Stein Donated: $100
Congratulations and best of luck to our favorite fish! XOXO Bubby & Papa
Ehren Hozumi Donated: $100
Good luck Dave and Jacklyn. This is nothing compared to keep ing your goldfish or kids alive!!!
Le Anne Korbel Donated: $10
Welcome to the race!
Poopoo La La Donated: $25.75
Thankful I'm still here. Good luck. Love, Your Beta Fish