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The Ultimate Race Continues!

$1,594.50 of $50,000

Montclair, brace yourselves.  The SEQUEL promises to be more epic than the first.  Our amazing racers will be tested in new ways - all in the name of supporting our amazing public schools!  

The teams need to raise $500 to compete, and for every $125 above that, they will earn "LegUPs" - little boosts of assistance or ways to (gently) sabotage the other teams.

Donate to our brave competitors today.  They will need all the "LegUPs" that they can get!

Your contributions help MFEE purchase everything from additional hands-on science materials to class sets of rich literature to hydroponic gardens that fuel interdisciplinary learning.  You help us support rich professional development experiences for teachers and empowering social and emotional learning programs for our kids.  In short, you help us keep this educational community thriving.  Thank you!


Ann Young Donated: $50
Go for Broke Keikis...with aloha!!!
Ann Young Donated: $100
Let's show some great hustle Frick and Frack!!!
Kathryn Kight Donated: $100
I want to come see this event
John And Lynn Griffin Richmond Donated: $51.50
Go Maddi and Noah!
Nick Gazzillo Donated: $50
Good Luck Rich!!
Le Anne And Stephen Korbel Donated: $10
Welcome back! Can't wait to see you on the course!
Le Anne And Stephen Korbel Donated: $10
Welcome to the race!!
Mike & Erin Leschak Donated: $50
Go Leschaks!!
Masiel Rodriquez Vars Donated: $25
I can't think of a better dry run for marriage than this race! So glad you're back.
Le Anne And Stephen Korbel Donated: $10
Welcome back!! Good luck and thanks for racing!