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The Ultimate Race Continues!

$11,476.70 of $20,000

Montclair, brace yourselves.  The SEQUEL promises to be more epic than the first.  Our amazing racers will be tested in new ways - all in the name of supporting our amazing public schools!  

The teams need to raise $500 to compete, and for every $125 above that, they will earn "LegUPs" - little boosts of assistance or ways to (gently) sabotage the other teams.

Donate to our brave competitors today.  They will need all the "LegUPs" that they can get!

Your contributions help MFEE purchase everything from additional hands-on science materials to class sets of rich literature to hydroponic gardens that fuel interdisciplinary learning.  You help us support rich professional development experiences for teachers and empowering social and emotional learning programs for our kids.  In short, you help us keep this educational community thriving.  Thank you!


Carlos Lejnieks Donated: $103
You guys rock!
Amy Budetti Donated: $51.50
Go, Ms. Cool and Mr. Mandel! We're rooting for you! From, The Budettis
Deborah Falaise Donated: $25
Go Boys in Blue!!!
Debbi Bernstein Donated: $50
Good luck Ms. Cool & Mr. Mandel!
Ferris Van Raalte Donated: $51.50
Good luck Daddy and Uncle Ayo!! Love, Leo
Georgette Gilmore Donated: $15
Go Team Tandem Terrors!
Laura Pliego Donated: $25
Go Kirkmans Go!!!
Marissa And Mark Rothkopf Bates Donated: $25.75
Go Team Aboushi-Jones! From Cate Bates' family!
Tessie Thomas Donated: $51.50
Wendy & Andrew - You can win even with your eyes closed!
Albus Dumbledore Donated: $50
From one great headmaster to another. May the odds be ever in your favor, James and Susan. (I know I'm mixing my hero stories).
Jane Fonda Donated: $50
You're doing a great job of shaping our next generation of fit kids!
Crockett And Tubbs Donated: $25
Lookin good, boys. Way to represent.
Starsky And Hutch Donated: $50
Go Boys in Blue! Thank you for all that you do for the Montclair Community.
Danielle Diamond Donated: $50
Go Campbells go! The Diamonds will provide post-race smoothies! xo
Julian Shorter Donated: $25.75
My money is on Ali to finish (way) ahead of Ryan!
Megan Lovelace Donated: $25.75
Go Ms Kirkman!
Beth Gannon Donated: $30.90
Can't wait to see your vaulting skills.
Janine Gillott Donated: $100
Good luck Mr. Mandel and Mrs. Cool! We love you! -Evie Gillott and Family
Erin And Sean Flynn Donated: $103
Go House Titus !
Deirdre Barrett Donated: $50
The Lawrances Donated: $51.50
Good luck Team Savage! We will be cheering you on!
Angela Larkin Donated: $51.50
Have fun and thanks for doing this! From the Larkins
Nadine Heron Fortune Donated: $10
Good Luck Sam & Naomi. Go get 'em!!! Deeny
Andy Roberts Donated: $25
Jeff, you're already a Perfect Ten in my heart
Judith Murphy Donated: $25
Best of luck!!!
Rebecca Harris Lee Donated: $25.75
Thank you, House Titus teachers! We really appreciate the work you do every day. Thanks for racing for MFEE!!
Tamima Friedman Donated: $25
Go Elle and Joyce!
Sarah Blaine Donated: $50
We love House Titus!
Sarah Blaine Donated: $25
We love House Titus! Go Team Science! Fiction!
Mia Rodriquez Vars Donated: $50
You guys are going to win it! I'll be cheering for you.
Pascal Charbonneau Donated: $51.50
good luck, don't disappoint us!!
Anonymous Donated: $25
We're rooting for the PARAtroopers! Good luck! Nancy, Tom & Leo
Anonymous Donated: $5.15
You are awesome!
Anonymous Donated: $50
Welcome Back, Moonshine Mamas! So glad you're bringing your special sauce back to this race.
Almar Cambronero Donated: $50
Good luck!!
Kathy Sweet Donated: $25
Good luck guys!!
Rachel Halbert Donated: $25
good luck from Jasmine and Bryony!
Masiel Rodriquez Vars Donated: $50
Brush up on your library skills! Can't guarantee there will be tire flipping.
Le Anne Korbel Donated: $10
Welcome to the race! You 2 will rock!
Le Anne Korbel Donated: $10
Welcome to the RACE!!
Le Anne Korbel Donated: $10
Welcome to the Race!!
Le Anne Korbel Donated: $10
Welcome to the race!
Wendy Lacey Donated: $50
Go Noah! So glad to see you are racing!
Zain K Donated: $51.50
Go get 'em, gals!
Amy Carr Donated: $25
Good luck to the most adorable team!
Mary Sue Youn Donated: $50
Go Mrs. Kirkman go! We'll be cheering for you!
Lynn Carmichael Donated: $103
Go Gales! The Carmichael family is cheering for you!!!
Poopoo La La Donated: $25.75
Thankful I'm still here. Good luck. Love, Your Beta Fish
Stella, Ben, And Thomas Guzik Donated: $25
Go Mommy Go! We love you and support you!!!!!! You can totally win this! We believe in you!
Terry Mandelbaum Donated: $25
Go Gales!
Katrina Stamas Donated: $25
Have an AMAZING race!! Best of luck from the Stamas family!
Susan Sonneborn Donated: $25
Ole'! Go Di'Bulls!
Masiel Rodriquez Vars Donated: $50
I don't know you, but I LOVE you two!! My money is on you for most fun team to watch! Help these ladies get some LegUPS!
Mary Sue Youn Donated: $50
Good luck Dibbles! You are, for sure, the team to beat!
Lori Greenlief Donated: $25.75
Such a wonderful cause!!! Good luck Noah and Maddie!!
Anonymous Donated: $100
Thank you so much for all that you do for our kids! Your support makes a huge difference.
Le Anne Korbel Donated: $10
Welcome to the Race! Good Luck!
Le Anne Korbel Donated: $10
Welcome to the race! Good Luck!
Le Anne Korbel Donated: $10
Welcome to the Race! Good Luck!
Kelly Mc Donald Donated: $50
Go Bean Queens!!
Rachel And Rich Lobovsky Donated: $25.75
Great job Noah!
Sally Solo Donated: $25
You go, guys! If you win, I'll get you each your own recess whistle.
Sharon And Ari Fox Donated: $25
Good luck, Noah and Maddy! Love, Sharon, Ari, Nate & Elie
Madeline Gale Donated: $15.45
We can do it Noah! We're a great team!
Colleen Martinez Donated: $25.75
Go Tandem Terrors! Thank you for racing for our schools.
Anonymous Donated: $20.60
Chanda Hall Donated: $10
You did so great last year, and you could totally take it all the way this time!
Chanda Hall Donated: $10
You guys are superheroes! Thanks for representing Hillside! We'll all be rooting for you!
Gabi Dawson Donated: $15.15
Go Bean Queens! Good luck at the race!
Le Anne And Stephen Korbel Donated: $10
Welcome to the race! Good luck!
Le Anne And Stephen Korbel Donated: $10
Welcome to the adventure! Good luck!
Le Anne And Stephen Korbel Donated: $10
Welcome Back!! All other teams should be on notice! This team is not playing- they mean business!! Good luck!51
Joanne Dawson Donated: $50
Go Bean Queens!
Debbi Bernstein Donated: $100
Go Bean Queens! You got this!
Reubena Spence Donated: $25.75
Hooray Noah and Maddi! Good luck! Love, Reubena
Debbi Bernstein Donated: $100
Go Bean Queens! You got this!
Julie Colbrese Donated: $100
Go get 'em, Coffee Queens! Still laughing...
Debbie And Mark Cohen Donated: $100
We know you can, we know you can!
Tori Weston Donated: $50
You better win! LOL
Ann Young Donated: $50
Go for Broke Keikis...with aloha!!!
Ann Young Donated: $100
Let's show some great hustle Frick and Frack!!!
Kathryn Kight Donated: $100
I want to come see this event
John And Lynn Griffin Richmond Donated: $51.50
Go Maddi and Noah!
Nick Gazzillo Donated: $50
Good Luck Rich!!
Le Anne And Stephen Korbel Donated: $10
Welcome back! Can't wait to see you on the course!
Le Anne And Stephen Korbel Donated: $10
Welcome to the race!!
Mike & Erin Leschak Donated: $50
Go Leschaks!!
Masiel Rodriquez Vars Donated: $25
I can't think of a better dry run for marriage than this race! So glad you're back.
Le Anne And Stephen Korbel Donated: $10
Welcome back!! Good luck and thanks for racing!