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Bowl for Kids' Sake - Tarrant County

ATT-Bowling for $$$

Steve Ann Richie

Representing AT&T and supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters for my 25th year!

$4,466.75 of $7,000

Big Brothers Big Sisters is an organization close to my heart. I believe that once a mentor makes an impact on one child's life, that change ripples through a family, a school, and more importantly, throughout our community.

On February 16th I will once again be supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters in their annual Bowl for Kids' Sake event. For 20+ years I’ve participated in this wonderful AT&T sponsored fund raising campaign. Through my involvement with Big Brothers Big Sisters, I know I’m making an impact, and I hope you'll join me in my efforts to give a child the resources he needs to be successful.

For the past several years our “Bowling for $$$” team has been the highest fundraising team across the DFW market thanks to friends like you. I hope you will help us make 2018 another success year.  

Thank you for your support!


SAR, you are the champion for those kids! We are behind you!

Mayumi Kurihara

Go Steve Ann and Team!!

Carol Simon

Happy Bowling Steve Ann!!

Sharel Chapa

Knock down all those bowling pins!

Tip Mc Kay

76 Donations


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Joe Murdock

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