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Give InterPlay Day

Fundraiser page pitts interplay troupe september 2018 with soyinka visiting cool photo

Support InterPlay Pittsburgh

Healing through Play

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One Day Only to support the work of InterPlay Pittsburgh in strengthening our community through connections, deep and wide, using the playful improv tools of InterPlay. Here’s what we’re up to and how you can help:

InterPlay Pittsburgh is in its 14th year!
International InterPlay, of which we are a part, is celebrating its 30th year!

Yet still, we hear lots of folks in the Pittsburgh community say, “Sounds great, but I’ve never heard of InterPlay.” So, this year we’ve initiated a Reach Out, Get the Word Out Campaign. Since social media is not the native language of some of our founding members, we’ve hired a young consultant to teach us how to use these tools to get our message out, especially to Pittsburgh’s energetic, creative young folks. We’re forging new collaborations with Pittsburgh non-profits whose work dovetails with our mission of using InterPlay to advance noble purposes in our community. Projects include:

  • Offering a course for helping professionals and caregivers on using InterPlay tools with their clients and within their own lives for self-care.
  • Increasing our outreach to younger generations by teaching InterPlay performance skills, including them in our performances and presentations, and empowering their leadership
  • Working with a group of community non-profits towards a 2020 symposium on Trauma-Informed Communities
  • Continuing troupe members’ and InterPlay leaders’ exploration into how InterPlay tools can assist us, and others, individually and collectively, in examining and healing the racial divide for a more just and equal society.
  • Incorporating InterPlay’s glimmer-of-hope healing tools in every class, presentation, and performance to address community grief from the horrific events of the Tree of Life shooting last October and the loss of another African American teen, Antwon Rose, to police violence in June.

 To support our efforts, we need funds to recruit and train Certified InterPlay leaders and teachers of color and millennials; to pay for musicians and space rentals, and to send leaders to national trainings to learn and share best practices with InterPlay leaders around the globe. Please consider making a donation to the thriving Pittsburgh community. 

Check our website – or contact Sheila K Collins at 817-706-4967.  

One Day Only!!

If you want to participate in Give INTERPLAY Day, join us right here from midnight to midnight on April 10th!


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