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The Ultimate Race Continues!

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Leschaks Attack

Samantha Zepeda & Zachary Leschak - attacking the MFEE race!


Ms. Zepeda is a science teacher at Montclair High School who competed last year in the MFEE fundRACEr. This year her soon to be husband will be her partner for the race - the future Leschaks will be attacking the race together!

Through the help of MFEE Ms. Zepeda's classroom has been able to have interactive labs for students to be more engaged in geoscience. Ms. Zepeda wants to thank MFEE for all their help for the past 2 years in helping her classroom become more innovative and exploratory for her students. 


The Honeymooners Donated: $200
You've got this, Leschaks!
Nancy Silverman Donated: $50
I know you can do it. If you put HALF your enthusiasm for science and our kids into your RACE, you'll win this thing!!!
Jennifer Caldarella Donated: $25.75
Good luck!!
Alan & Elissa Stepansky Donated: $25.75
Every good wish (and congrats!) from our family for a truly amazing race!
Mike & Erin Leschak Donated: $50
Go Leschaks!!
Masiel Rodriquez Vars Donated: $25
I can't think of a better dry run for marriage than this race! So glad you're back.
Le Anne And Stephen Korbel Donated: $10
Welcome back!! Good luck and thanks for racing!