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Give InterPlay Day

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Support InterPlay Goshen

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With active communities in Goshen, we are excited about supporting millennial and People of Color in leadership. We are fundraising for scholarships for new, local InterPlay leaders.

Our communities have regular free InterPlay sessions with a welcoming atmosphere. We play with voice, storytelling, and movement as we unlock the wisdom of our bodies. It is a time and place for laughter and tears, experimentation and practice, sneaky depth, and "recovery for serious people."

We commit to:

  • Hosting InterPlay events
  • Supporting millennial and people of color with scholarships and InterPlay leadership development
  • Connecting with the broader InterPlay community
  • Nurturing our thriving local community every first and third Monday
  • Continuing to have an invitational posture towards new InterPlayers

If InterPlay Goshen is inspiring and important to you, click here on Give InterPlay Day to support a flourishing community from midnight to midnight on April 10th.



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