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Give InterPlay Day

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Support InterPlay Chicago

Scholarships, guests artists and more!

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Last year your money helped produce Rhino fest with an intergenerational InterPlay performance. We were also able to offer scholarships and help with outreach via email, meetup, and Facebook. We thank you and we are dreaming up more! Your gift today will help:

  • Create new ways to introduce the public to InterPlay (such as performances, classes, space rental, video on social media)
  • Train new InterPlay Leaders: by providing tuition assistance to InterPlay Training Programs (such as the Life Practice Program, Secrets of Leading and the InterPlay Teaching Practicum)
  • Chicago area InterPlay Untensives - multi-day retreats
  • Bringing in a guest artist
  • Supporting local InterPlayers with scholarships to attend the Millennial Reunion.

If InterPlay Chicago is inspiring and important to you, click here to support a thriving Chicago InterPlay community.

One Day Only!!

If you want to participate in Give INTERPLAY Day, join us right here from midnight to midnight on Wednesday, April 10th.


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