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CUCelebrates 2017

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Concordia Students in Italy!

TRAVEL WHILE YOU CAN! You can always make money. You can’t always make memories.

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Italian tradition is deeply rooted in art, food, and rhetoric. The Concordia University Chicago Department of Communication is sponsoring a 10 day-long trip to immerse students in the culture, communication, and archeology of Northern Italy - Venice, Verona, Lake Garda, and Milan. Students will explore and experience interpersonal, artistic, historical and cultural aspects of Italy.


  • See the breathtaking Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, right in Milan.
  • The Mudec Museum in the Tortona area, a meeting place for cultures and communities.
  • A romantic walking tour of the places related to the legend of Romeo and Juliet.
  • Stroll the Prato della Valle, one of the largest public squares in Europe.
  • Rialto Bridge, St. Mark’s Basilica, going along the canals, small bridges, and narrow streets.
  • We do not want this amazing educational opportunity to be a financial burden on our participating students.

With your help we can reduce the costs of the trip for our fantastic students! Any amount will make a difference to our students.

Join our fundraising efforts for this unique educational experience!

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Ken Jeffers Donated: $55
Have a great trip!