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CUCelebrates 2017

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$600 of $150,000

Concordia University Chicago has a lot to celebrate.  We are "Dreaming Big" with this new multi-phase, multi-donor annual giving campaign culminating in a national giving week February 8-14, 2017. 

Our goals are simple.  We are asking the Concordia Family to "listen to your heart" and consider investing in one of the six areas CUC is highlighting.  They are: 1) Scholarship/Academics; 2) Residence Halls; 3) Applied Sciences/Athletics; 4) Fine/Performing Arts; 5) Church Work; and 6) Wherever needed most. 

So much is happening on our campus and it is only through your prayers and investment that we can continue the work of our Founders - educating "young men and women to serve and lead."

Thank you for considering your gift today!



Maria Gedroc Donated: $250
I Love CUC! I enjoy what I do and how I can help others! There are so many wonderful people here, fellow staff, faculty and all the students!
Paige Craig Donated: $100
Excited to be a partner in remembering, Katie Kloess! #Kindness4Katie #LifeLoveLight