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CUCelebrates 2017

Resized cucelebrates and confetti 732x400
$119,454.84 of $100,000

The final tallies are in progress, but we pause to offer our heartfelt Thank You to our gifted Faculty and Staff, our tremendously supportive Alumni, our great friends and neighbors all over the world, and most of all, our undergraduate and graduate students who chose Concordia as the destination for their educational journeys.  You are our greatest gifts and we pray daily for your success, and for peace and hope as together we continue serving God and each other through Concordia University Chicago.


THANK YOU to all of our donors who went online, called or mailed gifts in and those who personally delivered their gifts. THANK YOU to our incredible Co-Chairs, Champions and volunteers who so graciously gave their time during this first CUCelebrates campaign. 


The Celebration continues!!




Ardelle Pate Donated: $100
Concordia continues to be blessed! Let's all celebrate!
Anonymous Donated: $500
Anonymous Donated: $1,000
Carolyn Ronnekamp Donated: $50
Have a winning spring break, all the softball girls.
Carmen Rogers Donated: $100
Can't wait to see the team in action! Go Cougars!
Anonymous Donated: $100
Kelly Kulaszewicz Donated: $50
Can't wait for spring games...CUC Softball
David Witte Donated: $25
Paige Craig Donated: $40
Giving in Honor of my Roomie, Gail (Anger) Milatz BA '99, and all the Softball Alumnae!
Ken Jeffers Donated: $55
Have a great trip!
Anonymous Donated: $25
Celebrating Katie and supporting more students like her.
Charlie T. Cougar Donated: $10
Go Cougars!
Alexandra Schmidt Donated: $20
In honor of my dear friend Katie Kloess and to sharing kindness in her name.
Dave Risch Donated: $150
For all the wonderful students, past/present/future, that have so positively influenced so many lives around the world =)
Ryan Weseloh Donated: $20.17
Go Cougs!
Maria Gedroc Donated: $250
I Love CUC! I enjoy what I do and how I can help others! There are so many wonderful people here, fellow staff, faculty and all the students!
Paige Craig Donated: $100
Excited to be a partner in remembering, Katie Kloess! #Kindness4Katie #LifeLoveLight