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Support Stonewall's Game-Changing Work

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Nicole Nichelle's Stonewall Fundraiser

Let's turn these Twitter lols into something meaningful!

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Welcome internet frenz! If you are here, you're an example that the internet can be a playground for clownery AND a platform to help others. This page originated as the #CaptainAcrylica Challenge where we raised over $1,000 for Black & Brown Trans Folks during PRIDE Month. Thank you. 

Now in the name of Chris Jamal Evans and other memery madness, let's continue supporting the LGBTQIA community and the mission of Stonewall Foundation with our coins and voices.

You can give whatever you can or just share the link.

I believe joy is a choice and aim to share it whenever possible. Being there for the LGBTQIA+ community is a great way to spread some joy this Holiday SZN!

-Nicole Nichelle (@alamanecer)


Anonymous Donated: $36
Gino and Constantine were both a revelation. As was #CJE in general and getting to discover Nicole's wit, humor and passion. Thanks so much to her for all she does.
Claudia Rapp Donated: $20.60
To celebrate #ChrisJamalEvans and Nicole, who is a creative fountain of badassery, here's my tiny contribution. Much love!
Emily Marks Donated: $103
The best corner of joy on Chris Jamal Evans' entire internet. 😂😘❤️
Kayla Campbell Donated: $25.75
LOVE that y’all are using memes to direct funding & support to such a good cause. happy pride 💘🌈
Kandace Fuller Donated: $25
What a beautiful way to turn good internet laughs into supporting a community that needs it! Here for mobilizing change.