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Support Stonewall's Game-Changing Work

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$10,725.04 of $15,000

On June 28, 1969, a revolution was sparked. The Stonewall Riots saw LGBTQ people rise up as a community and fight back against discriminatory policing. While their scale and visibility were unprecedented, the deepest impact of the Riots lies in what followed: deliberate, sustained action.

Pride is the result of immeasurable sacrifice, unwavering activism, visionary leadership and art, brilliant organizing, and passionate advocacy. Honoring Pride means taking action to ensure that work continues. That is our mission.

Join us by making a gift or starting a fundraiser to declare your Pride.


Claudia Rapp Donated: $20.60
To celebrate #ChrisJamalEvans and Nicole, who is a creative fountain of badassery, here's my tiny contribution. Much love!
Emily Marks Donated: $103
The best corner of joy on Chris Jamal Evans' entire internet. 😂😘❤️
Kayla Campbell Donated: $25.75
LOVE that y’all are using memes to direct funding & support to such a good cause. happy pride 💘🌈
Justin Orford Donated: $51.50
Great cause happy to support something that actually goes back to the community!
Joanna Dubin Donated: $100
Bravo Gerard! Important cause, so happy to support.
Sophie Carret Donated: $50
We have everything to be proud of!
Anonymous Donated: $20.60
Happy Birthday Tori you are a SUPERSTAR
Victoria Potter Donated: $15
DM me on instagram for a thank you! @tori_potter
Sara Williams Donated: $50
Keep up the good work, Gabe! Proud to know you -- and proud of you!
Douglas Wirth Donated: $100
Michael is a beautiful soul inside and out! His desire to celebrate his birthday by inviting friends, family and loved ones to donate to SCF speaks volumes about his bright Spirit!
Anonymous Donated: $51.50
We are all made in God's own image. We all come into and leave this world the same way. We all share this wonderful planet. Everyone living, working & playing together. Because everyone is important. Keep up the good work
Kandace Fuller Donated: $25
What a beautiful way to turn good internet laughs into supporting a community that needs it! Here for mobilizing change.
Danny Jung Donated: $25
What a great cause! Awesome job Chris!
Lori Terling Donated: $25
Proud to support Pride and the Stonewall Foundation!
Kerry Philp Donated: $50
Proud as hell to support this. Thank you Nick for the opportunity! xo
Michael Delgado Donated: $500
So proud of you Nick and I'm sure Charlie would be too! xoxo Mike
Jarrett Lucas Donated: $47.41
So excited to work alongside you, Gabe!
Jarrett Lucas Donated: $50
I, for one, think you are the reincarnation of Judy. Thanks for all you do, Michael!
Adrian Harrison Donated: $51.50
Great job Gabe!
Mónica Muñoz Donated: $51.50
Gabe - I am so proud of your commitment to our world and your activism! Stonewall is fortunate to have you. 💚🧡💜
Diane Hauser Donated: $28.74
So proud of you my friend ❤️
Omar Martinez Donated: $100
Gabriel, this is such an important initiative! #onward #HIVprevention #comprehensiveHIVcare
Robert Annibale Donated: $50
Congratulations Gabe...best, Bob & Edesio