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The Ultimate Race Continues!

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The Petal Pushers

Jo Mathisen and Aleta Guzik - The Petal Pushers - need a reason to get out of making dinner so they've decided to put their talents to the test and compete in the fundracer!


WHO ARE WE? Who cares! WHAT ARE WE DOING? Who the heck knows? WHY ARE WE DOING IT? For the schools!! (and we like to ride our bikes! Play with bugs, not so much!!)  HOW DO WE QUALIFY? Money talks!  HOW MUCH? $500 gets us in! HELP US HELP OUR SCHOOLS!


Le Anne Korbel Donated: $10
Welcome to the race! You 2 will rock!
Stella, Ben, And Thomas Guzik Donated: $25
Go Mommy Go! We love you and support you!!!!!! You can totally win this! We believe in you!
Katrina Stamas Donated: $25
Have an AMAZING race!! Best of luck from the Stamas family!
Masiel Rodriquez Vars Donated: $50
I don't know you, but I LOVE you two!! My money is on you for most fun team to watch! Help these ladies get some LegUPS!