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The Ultimate Race Continues!

Fundraiser page img 2639

Frick and Frack

Sarah Young and Kelley Reynolds are taking their tennis court antics to the streets of Montclair.


We are two moms that are excited to have a great time raising money for an organization that supports our public school system.  


Lisa Davies Donated: $51.50
Frick and Frack - you go!!!! With your smarts and athleticism you have to win! Sorry can't be there to cheer you on. Thank you for doing this xxx
Karen Carter Donated: $51.50
Go Girls!
Susan And Gary Spagnola Donated: $154.50
Frick and Frack - We have your back! Good luck! Have fun! XOXO Spags -The Elders
Alice R Hurley Donated: $20
Thanks for doing this!!!
Tori Weston Donated: $50
You better win! LOL
Ann Young Donated: $100
Let's show some great hustle Frick and Frack!!!
Kathryn Kight Donated: $100
I want to come see this event