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Join Golf Fore Africa In The Fight For Clean Water!

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$638476.66 of $250000

663 million people in the world live without access to clean water.

That’s nearly 1 in 10 people throughout the world.

Access to clean water means education, income, and health - especially for women and kids.

Use your passion to raise funds through an event, special occasion or just because you want to help change the world.

$50 brings clean water to one person
$15,000 will fund a well for an entire village
$100,000 will bring clean water to 2000 people


Cindy & Joey Westbrook Donated: $51.50
Happy 13th Birthday!!! What an amazing difference you are making, so proud of you !!
Amy Vander May Donated: $50
Happy 13th Madi! Keep changing the world!
Rebecca Rodriguez Donated: $50
Happy Birthday!! You have such a caring heart.
Kamden Ray Donated: $13
Happy Birthday, Madi! 🎈🎈🎈
Anonymous Donation Donated: $103
Happy 13th Birthday Madi. Thank you for raising money to help a village in Zambia.
Misty Ferbert Donated: $25.75
Maddie, you have such a sweet and giving beautiful soul! I can't wait to see the glory you bring years to come. Happy birthday beautiful girl!
Kendall Dye Donated: $103
You are the coolest 13-year-old I’ve ever known! What an amazing young woman you are! Thank you for your support of GFA! Game changer for the world!!!
Nan Ryan Donated: $103
Honoree Maureen Gerrity